Writing as: Tom Lowe

According to the bio on his website: "Tom Lowe is an American novelist who spent years working as a journalist and covering stories from around the world.  He reported and wrote for newspapers, television news, and as a PBS documentary producer and director.

He is the author of three thriller/mystery series.  They include: (1) Sean O’Brien, (2) Elizabeth Monroe, (3) Paul Marcus.

He has written two standalone novels – THE PAINTER and MIDNIGHT’S WHISPERER.

Tom lives with his wife in Florida and California."

Series Books
Paul Marcus Destiny (2015)
  The Jefferson Prophecy (2018)
  The Poppy Score (2022)
Other A False Dawn [Sean O'Brien] (2009)
  The 24th Letter [Sean O'Brien] (2010)
  The Butterfly Forest [Sean O'Brien] (2011)
  The Black Bullet [Sean O'Brien] (2012)
  Blood of Cain [Sean O'Brien] (2013)
  Black River [Sean O'Brien] (2014)
  Cemetery Road [Sean O'Brien] (2015)
  A Murder of Crows [Sean O'Brien] (2016)
  Wrath [Elizabeth Monroe] (2017)
  Dragonfly [Sean O'Brien] (2019)
  The Orchid Keeper [Sean O'Brien] (2019)
  The Confession [Elizabeth Monroe] (2019)
  Midnight's Whisperer (2020)
  The Painter (2020)
  Mermaid [Sean O'Brien] (2020)
  Invisible [Sean O'Brien] (2021)
  Altered State [Elizabeth Monroe] (2021)
  Flash of Gold [Sean O'Brien] (2021)
  The Fountain [Sean O'Brien] (2022)
  The White Dragon [Sean O'Brien] (2022)