Writing as: Mike Gomes

According to the bio on his website: "Mike Gomes is an Amazon #1 best selling author who loves writing fast paced, action packed novels for Adults. The desire to create fun, page turning books that lets readers slip away into another world is what drives him to write. Mike lives with his wife and four children in Massachusetts."

Series Books
Fighting Mantis The Mantis (2021)
  Broken Hearts (2021)
  Smuggling Blood (2021)
Other The Young Adventurers Club [Young Adventures' Club] (2016)
  Bertie Makes a Friend [Bertie the Banana] (2016)
  Vertra's Revenge [Young Adventures' Club] (2017)
  Another Day [Young Adventures' Club] (2017)
  The Fixer [Falau Files] (2017)
  9mm [Falau Files] (2017)
  White Collar [Falau Files] (2017)
  Piranha [Falau Files] (2018)
  Holiday [Falau Files] (2018)
  Down Under [Falau Files] (2018)
  The System [The System] (2018)
  God's Executioner [Falau Files] (2019)
  Combat Zone [Falau Files] (2019)
  Alone [Falau Files] (2019)
  Peace, Love and Death [The System] (2019)
  4th And Goal [Falau Files] (2020)