Writing as: Robert Suret

According to the bio on Amazon: "Rob specialized in national multi-site operational management within the hospitality trade for 30 years. He began writing in 2018 to fulfil his lifetime ambition to emulate great British authors of the thriller genre. He started a series of novels based around the character of Adam Crest, the first of which was launched in May of 2020. The sequel, Crest & Co, was published at the end of 2021. The third and final book of the trilogy, Crest & Carla, was released in August 2022. Originally from East Yorkshire, Rob has lived and worked in different parts of the country and settled in South Yorkshire with his wife and three children."

Series Books
Adam Crest Crest (2020)
  Crest & Co (2021)
  Crest & Carla (2022)