Writing as: Simon Conway

According to the bio on his website: "Simon Conway is a former British Army officer and international aid worker. He has cleared landmines and the other debris of war across the world.

As Co-Chair of the Cluster Munition Coalition he successfully campaigned to achieve an international ban on cluster bombs.

He is currently working as Head of Programme Development for The HALO Trust.

He lives in Edinburgh with his wife the journalist and broadcaster Sarah Smith. He has two daughters.

Simon Conway was born in Sacramento, California in 1967. His father is an agricultural ecologist and former President of the Rockefeller Foundation and the Royal Geographical Society. His mother is an artist and academic, who specialises in South East Asia. He went to school in England but lived in Lebanon and Thailand as a child.

Simon studied English Literature at the University of Edinburgh and subsequently served as an infantry officer in the British Army, seeing active duty with The Queen’s Own Highlanders (Seaforths and Camerons) in West Belfast.

After leaving the military, Simon spent four years living and working in the Peak District and then the island of Islay in the Hebrides and completed his first novel Damaged, which was published by Canongate."

Series Books
Jude Lyon The Stranger (2020)
  The Saboteur (2021)
  The Survivor (2022)
Jonah Said Rage (2006)
  A Loyal Spy (2010)
Other Damaged (1998)
  Rock Creek Park (2012)
  The Wrong Country (2014)
  The Agent Runner (2014)