Writing as: Harper Lin

According to the short bio on her website: "Harper Lin is the 3x USA Today Bestselling Author of several popular cozy mystery series—8 and counting!

When she’s not reading or writing mysteries, she loves going to yoga class, hiking, baking desserts, and spending time with family and friends."

Series Books
Secret Agent Granny Granny's Got A Gun (2017)
  Granny Under Cover (2017)
  Granny Strikes Back (2018)
  Granny Bares It All (2018)
  Granny Goes Hollywood (2018)
  Granny Gets Fancy (2019)
  Granny on Board (2019)
  Granny Goes Rogue (2019)
  Granny Goes Wild (2020)
  Granny Burns Rubber (2021)
Other Eclair Murder [Patisserie Mystery] (2014)
  Baguette Murder [Patisserie Mystery] (2014)
  Crepe Murder [Patisserie Mystery] (2014)
  Croissant Murder [Patisserie Mystery] (2014)
  Creme Brulee Murder [Patisserie Mystery] (2014)
  Madeleine Murder [Patisserie Mystery] (2014)
  Macaron Murder [Patisserie Mystery] (2014)
  A Hiss-tory of Magic [Wonder Cats Mystery] (2014)
  Valentine's Victim [Emma Wild Mystery] (2014)
  Death of a Snowman [Emma Wild Mystery] (2014)
  New Year's Slay [Emma Wild Mystery] (2014)
  Killer Christmas [Emma Wild Mystery] (2014)
  Margaritas, Marzipan, and Murder [Cape Bay Cafe Mystery] (2015)
  Tea, Tiramisu, and Tough Guys [Cape Bay Cafe Mystery] (2015)
  Cappuccinos, Cupcakes, and a Corpse [Cape Bay Cafe Mystery] (2015)
  Opera Cake Murder [Patisserie Mystery] (2015)
  Chocolat Chaud Murder [Patisserie Mystery] (2015)
  Pawsitively Dead [Wonder Cats Mystery] (2015)
  Cat-astrophic Spells [Wonder Cats Mystery] (2015)
  Sweets and a Stabbing [Pink Cupcake Mystery] (2016)
  A Deadly Bridal Shower [Pink Cupcake Mystery] (2016)
  Food Festival and a Funeral [Pink Cupcake Mystery] (2016)
  Lattes, Ladyfingers, and Lies [Cape Bay Cafe Mystery] (2016)
  The Scariest Tail [Wonder Cats Mystery] (2016)
  Purr-fect Getaway [Wonder Cats Mystery] (2016)
  Un-fur-tunate Murders [Wonder Cats Mystery] (2017)
  Americanos, Apple Pies, and Art Thieves [Cape Bay Cafe Mystery] (2017)
  Cremas, Christmas Cookies, and Crooks [Cape Bay Cafe Mystery] (2017)
  Pop-Up Truck and Peril [Pink Cupcake Mystery] (2017)
  Cold Case & Cupcakes [Pink Cupcake Mystery] (2017)
  Fur-miliar Felines [Wonder Cats Mystery] (2017)
  Desserts & Death [Pink Cupcake Mystery] (2018)
  Bake Sale for Murder [Pink Cupcake Mystery] (2018)
  Sugar and Scandals [Pink Cupcake Mystery] (2018)
  Fur-boding Shadows [Wonder Cats Mystery] (2018)
  Double Shots, Donuts, and Dead Dudes [Cape Bay Cafe Mystery] (2018)
  Espressos, Eggnogs, and Evil Exes [Cape Bay Cafe Mystery] (2018)
  Pawsibly Murdered [Wonder Cats Mystery] (2018)
  Macchiatos, Macarons, and Malice [Cape Bay Cafe Mystery] (2019)
  Love and Murder in Savannah [Southern Sleuth] (2019)
  Confections and Confessions [Pink Cupcake Mystery] (2019)
  Clawful Reflections [Wonder Cats Mystery] (2019)
  Purr-Suasive Witches [Wonder Cats Mystery] (2020)
  A Death Before the Wedding [Pink Cupcake Mystery] (2020)
  Scandals in Savannah [Southern Sleuth] (2020)
  Secrets in Savannah [Southern Sleuth] (2020)
  Lies in Savannah [Southern Sleuth] (2020)
  Punch, Pastries, and Poison [Cape Bay Cafe Mystery] (2021)
  A Book to Kill For [Bookish Cafe Mystery] (2021)
  Bloodier Than Fiction [Bookish Cafe Mystery] (2021)
  Story of a Murder [Bookish Cafe Mystery] (2021)
  Strangers in Savannah [Southern Sleuth] (2022)
  Crime Before Christmas [Bookish Cafe Mystery] (2022)