Writing as: Yvette Poshoglian

According to the short bio on Fantastic Fiction: "Yvette is the author of the FRANKIE FOX GIRL SPY series as well as the bestselling ELLA AND OLIVIA series for younger readers. Yvette has always worked with words: as a high school English teacher, a journalist and before that, in the world of book publishing."

According to the bio on her website: "Yvette writes on the Gayamaygal Lands of the Kay-yee-my nation on Sydney’s northern beaches and acknowledges the Land on which she creates.

Yvette has worked as an English teacher in south west Sydney and consults on educational projects. Yvette works with the Technology 4 Learning team at the NSW Department of Education. She recently worked on Everyone’s an Author, a digital creative writing program featuring 10 Aussie authors.

Yvette is a regular guest and panel host at writers' festivals and continues to work in schools with both students and teachers in the area of creative writing, storytelling and literacy. She is proud to be an ambassador for the Books in Homes charity."

Series Books
Frankie Fox, Girl Spy Ready, Set, Spy (2015)
  Operation Boy Band (2015)
Other Best Friend Showdown [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2012)
  Ballet Stars [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2012)
  The New Girl [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2012)
  Cupcake Catastrophe [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2012)
  Puppy Trouble [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2013)
  The Big Sleepover [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2013)
  Pony Problem [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2013)
  Cool Kitties [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2013)
  The Christmas Surprise [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2013)
  Sports Carnival [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2014)
  Flower Power [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2014)
  Christmas Wonderland [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2014)
  Beach Holiday [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2015)
  Spelling Superstar [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2015)
  Hair Disaster [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2015)
  Netball Fever [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2016)
  Zoo Rescue [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2016)
  Happy Campers [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2017)
  Note Perfect [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2017)
  Little Lifesavers [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2018)
  A Wild Adventure [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2018)
  Popstar Sisters [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2018)
  The Royal Show [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2019)
  Hula Hoopla [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2019)
  Reef Explorers [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2019)
  Backyard Campout [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2020)
  Butterfly Quest [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2020)
  Super Sandcastles [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2021)
  Surprise for Mum [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2021)
  The New Baby [YA] [Ella and Olivia] (2022)
  Dear Greta (2022)