Writing as: P. J. Anderson

According to the bio on Amazon: "P.J. Anderson authors both fiction and non-fiction, writing within and across genres. In 2021 he released the first volume in the Augustus Benedict Cold War espionage series, "The Spy with an Angel's Eyes." The second volume has been published in January 2023 - "The Spy who Breathed Fear." In 2021 he also released "The Ghost Fabler", a chilling ghost story/tale of the macabre, drawing on the mixed traditions of M.R. James, Henry James, Emily Bronte and Christopher Marlowe, among others. In 2020 he authored a fond tribute to the country house mysteries of yesteryear, "A Man Twice Dead", a novel that also adds its own new twists to the genre. In 2019 he produced a book of satirically humorous Irish tales, "The Woman with a Man in Her Hat." Wearing his non-fiction hat he has authored or co-authored six books on world affairs and the news media with leading international publishers, two of which have gone into multiple translations. Currently he lives in England, where his family share their garden with a nest of surprisingly athletic hedgehogs."

Series Books
Augustus Benedict The Spy With An Angel's Eyes (2021)
  The Spy Who Breathed Fear (2023)
Other The Woman With The Man In Her Hat (2019)
  The Three Signs Of The Serpent (2019)
  Strange Encounters of a Confusing Kind (2020)
  A Man Twice Dead (2020)
  The Ghost Fabler (2021)