1904 - 1969

Writing as: Frank Gruber

According to Wikipedia: "Frank Gruber (born February 2, 1904, Elmer, Minnesota, died December 9, 1969, Santa Monica, California) was an American writer. He was a writer of stories for pulp fiction magazines. He also wrote dozens of novels, mostly Westerns and detective stories. Gruber wrote many scripts for Hollywood movies and television shows and was the creator of three TV series."

Series Books
John Vedders The Coffin That Went to Sea (ss) (1935)
  A Toast to Death (ss) (1935)
  Death in Disguise (ss) (1935)
  Dust of Doom (ss) (1935)
  Empire at Auction (ss) (1936)
  Formula for Death (ss) (1936)
  Red Dust of Death (ss) (1936)
  Valley of Blind Men (ss) (1936)
  Traitor's Legacy (ss) (1936)
  Doubling in Death (ss) (1937)
  The Arrow of Doom (ss) (1937)
Other The French Key aka The French Key Mystery [Johnny Fletcher] (1940)
  The Hungry Dog Murders aka Die Like a Dog [Johnny Fletcher] (1941)
  The Navy Colt [Johnny Fletcher] (1941)
  Outlaw (1941)
  The Gift Horse [Johnny Fletcher] (1942)
  The Buffalo Box [Simon Lash] (1942)
  The Yellow Overcoat aka Fall-Guy for a Killer (1942)
  The Laughing Fox [Johnny Fletcher] (1943)
  The Talking Clock [Johnny Fletcher] (1944)
  The Mighty Blockhead [Johnny Fletcher] (1945)
  Simon Lash: Private Detective [Simon Lash] (1945)
  Beagle Scented Murder [Otis Beagle] (1946)
  The Fourth Letter (1947)
  Market for Murder (1947)
  The Silver Jackass (1947)
  The Honest Dealer aka Double Dealer [Johnny Fletcher] (1947)
  Fighting Man (1948)
  The Lock and the Key aka Run Thief Run (1948)
  Murder '97 [Simon Lash] (1948)
  The Silver Tombstone Mystery [Johnny Fletcher] (1948)
  The Scarlet Feather [Johnny Fletcher] (1948)
  Broken Lance (1949)
  The Lone Gunhawk aka Smoky Road (1949)
  The Leather Duke aka A Job of Murder [Johnny Fletcher] (1950)
  Fort Starvation (1953)
  Quantrell's Raiders (1953)
  Gunsight (1953)
  The Lonesome Badger aka Mood for Murder [Otis Beagle] (1954)
  Bitter Sage (1954)
  Johnny Vengeance (1954)
  Ride to Hell (1955)
  The Limping Goose aka Murder One [Johnny Fletcher] (1955)
  The Highwayman (1955)
  The Man From Missouri (1956)
  Buffalo Grass aka The Big Land (1956)
  The Whispering Master [Johnny Fletcher] (1956)
  Billy the Kid (1957)
  Lonesome River (1957)
  Peace Marshal (1957)
  Town Tamer (1957)
  The Marshal (1958)
  The Bushwhackers (1959)
  Bugles West (1961)
  Twenty Plus Two (1961)
  Brothers of Silence (1962)
  Bridge of Sand (1963)
  Swing Low, Swing Dead [Johnny Fletcher] (1964)
  The Corpse Moved Upstairs [Johnny Fletcher] (1964)
  The Greek Affair (1965)
  Little Hercules (1965)
  The Pulp Jungle (1967)
  This Gun Is Still (1967)
  The Twilight Man (1967)
  The Dawn Riders (1968)
  The Gold Gap (1968)
  The Curly Wolf (1969)
  The Etruscan Bull (1969)
  The Spanish Prisoner (1969)
  Wanted (1971)
  Bitter Sage and the Bushwhackers (1984)