1916 - 1986

Writing as: John D. MacDonald

According to Wikipedia: "John Dann MacDonald (July 24, 1916 – December 28, 1986) was an American writer of novels and short stories. He is known for his thrillers.

MacDonald was a prolific author of crime and suspense novels, many set in his adopted home of Florida. One of the most successful American novelists of his time, MacDonald sold an estimated 70 million books. His best-known works include the popular and critically acclaimed Travis McGee series and his 1957 novel The Executioners, which was filmed as Cape Fear (1962) and remade in 1991."

According to Me: One of the very best writers of crime and adventure novels I have been privileged to read - and I have read just about everything he penned.

Series Books
Benton Walters Private War (ss) (1946)
  Eight Dozen Agents (ss) (1947)
Other The Brass Cupcake (1950)
  Ballroom of the Skies (1951)
  Judge Me Not (1951)
  Murder for the Bride (1951)
  Wine of the Dreamers aka Planet of the Dreamers (1951)
  Weep for Me (1951)
  The Damned (1952)
  The Soft Touch (1953)
  Cancel All Our Vows (1953)
  Dead Low Tide (1953)
  The Neon Jungle (1953)
  All These Condemned (1954)
  Area of Suspicion (1954)
  Contrary Pleasure (1954)
  A Bullet for Cinderella aka On The Make (1955)
  Cry Hard, Cry Fast (1955)
  April Evil (1956)
  Border Town Girl (1956)
  Murder in the Wind aka Hurricane (1956)
  You Live Once (1956)
  Death Trap (1957)
  Cape Fear aka The Executioners (1957)
  A Man of Affairs (1957)
  The Price of Murder (1957)
  The Empty Trap (1957)
  Clemmie (1958)
  The Deceivers (1958)
  The Beach Girls (1959)
  The Crossroads (1959)
  Deadly Welcome (1959)
  Please Write for Details (1959)
  The Only Girl in the Game (1960)
  Slam the Big Door (1960)
  The End of the Night (1960)
  One Monday We Killed Them All (1961)
  Where Is Janice Gantry? (1961)
  A Flash of Green (1962)
  The Girl, the Gold Watch and Everything (1962)
  A Key to the Suite (1962)
  The Drowner (1963)
  I Could Go On Singing (1963)
  On the Run (1963)
  Nightmare in Pink [Travis McGee] (1964)
  The Deep Blue Good-By [Travis McGee] (1964)
  A Purple Place for Dying [Travis McGee] (1964)
  The Quick Red Fox [Travis McGee] (1964)
  A Deadly Shade of Gold [Travis McGee] (1965)
  Bright Orange for the Shroud [Travis McGee] (1965)
  Darker Than Amber [Travis McGee] (1966)
  One Fearful Yellow Eye [Travis McGee] (1966)
  The Last One Left (1967)
  Pale Grey for Guilt [Travis McGee] (1968)
  The Girl in the Plain Brown Wrapper [Travis McGee] (1968)
  Dress Her in Indigo [Travis McGee] (1969)
  The Long Lavender Look [Travis McGee] (1970)
  A Tan and Sandy Silence [Travis McGee] (1973)
  The Scarlet Ruse [Travis McGee] (1973)
  The Turquoise Lament [Travis McGee] (1973)
  The Dreadful Lemon Sky [Travis McGee] (1975)
  Condominium (1976)
  The Empty Copper Sea [Travis McGee] (1978)
  The Green Ripper [Travis McGee] (1979)
  Free Fall in Crimson [Travis McGee] (1981)
  Cinnamon Skin [Travis McGee] (1982)
  One More Sunday (1984)
  The Lonely Silver Rain [Travis McGee] (1985)
  Barrier Island (1986)