Writing as: Richard F. Weyand

According to the bio on Fantastic Fiction: "Rich Weyand is a computer consultant and digital forensic analyst. He was born in Illinois and lived there almost 60 years before he and his wife engineered an escape to the hills of southern Indiana in 2011. His undergraduate and graduate education is in Physics, and he's never really recovered. He is currently heading up the launch of a computer software start-up."

Series Books
Bert Mangum Eve Of War (2022)
  The Favor (2022)
  The Cure (2023)
  Marque (2023)
Other Childers [Childers Universe] (2017)
  Absurd Proposals [Childers Universe] (2017)
  Reformer [Empire] (2018)
  Galactic Mail: Revolution! [Childers Universe] (2018)
  A Charter For The Commonwealth [Childers Universe] (2018)
  Campbell: The Problem With Bliss [Childers Universe] (2018)
  Conqueror [Empire] (2019)
  Warlord [Empire] (2019)
  Commander [Empire] (2019)
  Tyrant [Empire] (2019)
  Usurper [Empire] (2019)
  Campbell: The Sigurdsen Incident [Childers Universe] (2019)
  Imperial Detective [Empire] (2020)
  Imperial Police [Empire] (2020)
  Imperial Inspector [Empire] (2020)
  Intervention [Empire] (2020)
  Investigation [Empire] (2020)
  Succession [Empire] (2020)
  Renewal [Empire] (2021)
  Resistance [Empire] (2021)
  Quant [Colony] (2021)
  Resurgence [Empire] (2021)
  Lost Colony [Colony] (2021)
  Silk Road [Colony] (2021)
  Galactic Survey [Colony] (2021)
  Arcadia [Colony] (2021)
  Tridyma [Pantheon] (2022)
  Hecate [Pantheon] (2022)
  Earth [Colony] (2022)