Writing as: Paul Purnell

According to the bio on his website: "As an established author with an intriguing collection of short stories, Paul Purnell is well versed in the crime drama genre. His many years of experience in the UK’s legal system has given Paul a deeper, and sometimes disturbing, understanding of the minds of both criminals, and victims.

During his 35 year tenure, Paul Purnell has prosecuted murderers and defended them too. He has had the unfortunate displeasure of seeing first-hand just about every type of crime imaginable and has interacted closely with investigators, criminals, victims, and everyday people.

Paul faced many horrors in the course of his career but has refused to put his direct experience into print. However, he has used much of that knowledge in his writing."

Series Books
James Ballantyne The Kazak Contract (2017)
  The Tontine Trap (2018)
  Ballantyne at Bay (2020)