1924 - 1998

Writing as: Les Lilley

According to "Les Lilley (born Dartford, Kent, 1924) was a comics and newspaper strip artist and writer and founder of the Cartoonist's Club of Great Britain. His many writing credits included Jane in the Daily Mirror, Scarth in The Sun, Tiffany Jones in The Daily Mail and The Seekers in The Daily Sketch, as well as work for IPC's humour comics including scripting the strips Tin Teacher and Fiends and Neighbours and entire annuals for Odhams' Wham! and Smash! He later broke into TV scriptwriting, co-creating the childrens series Vision On with his longtime collaborator, strip artist Chic Jacob. Lilley was also instrumental in the creation of the Society for Strip Illustration and was President of the Federation of European Cartoonists' Organisations. Much respected within the world of comics but virtually unknown outside it, he died in London on 18th October 1998."

Series Books
The Seekers [creator]