Writing as: Una McCormack

According to the short bio on Amazon: "Una McCormack is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of many science fiction novels. Her most recent publications include THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF KATHRYN JANEWAY; STAR TREK: PICARD - THE LAST BEST HOPE; and DOCTOR WHO: TIME LORD VICTORIOUS - ALL FLESH IS GRASS. She lives in Cambridge with her partner, their daughter, and a large number of Daleks."

Series Books
Elim Garak Face Value (ss) (2003)
  Hollow Men (2005)
  The Never-Ending Sacrifice (2009)
  Brinkmanship (2012)
  The Crimson Shadow (2013)
  The Missing (2014)
  Enigma Tales (2017)
  A Night In (ss) (2021)
  Second Self (2022)
Section 31 Hollow Men (2005)
Luther Sloan Hollow Men (2005)