Writing as: John Plimmer

According to the bio on Amazon: "John F Plimmer was born in Vauxhall, Birmingham and spent 30 years as a top detective in West Midlands. He is a former law lecturer at Birmingham University and script consultant to numerous television and radio dramas. Having written books which include The Inside Track and Cutting Edge John has also produced works connected with the American Pioneering West.

His most successful books to date include the Dan Mitchell series of international espionage and murder."

Series Books
Dan Mitchell Cutting Edge (2016)
  Red Mist (2016)
  The Food Mountain (2016)
  The Neutron Claw (2016)
  Chinese Extraction (2017)
  Wrangel Island (2017)
  Justice Casee (2018)
  Cyber Nightmare (2018)