1912 - 1974

Writing as: Olga Hesky

According to a bio blurb on one of her books: "Olga Hesky who is married to an Israeli government official and who now lives in Tel Aviv, was born in London and went to South Africa in 1940. There she worked on the Johannesburg Star, and then started her own advertising agency. She also wrote film and theater reviews and many plays for radio.

In 1949 Mrs. Hesky went to Israel where she edited a woman's magazine for ten years."

Series Books
Tami Shimoni The Serpent's Smile (1966)
  Time For Treason (1968)
  The Sequin Syndicate (1970)
  A Different Night (1972)
Other The Painted Queen (1961)
  The Purple Armchair (1961)
  Number The Dust (1963)
  Say Not Goodnight (1964)
  Life Sentence (1972)