Writing as: Brad Lee

According to the bio on Amazon: "Brad has wanted to be a writer since he published his first story at age five, complete with hand-drawn cover. Entitled, "My First Story," he gave it to his mom, who offered rave reviews (of course!).

After several successful careers in a variety of industries, he's finally a full-time writer.

“The military/espionage thriller is my favorite genre. I love reading about nefarious villains and the good guy (and/or gal) fighting to save their country and world. The ideas for these stories came easily and have been a blast to write.”

What’s his favorite part of writing? “I love the characters. Axe is a strong, cool guy with a great sense of humor who’s always ready to do the right thing. He’s also getting a little older, which I can relate to! Working with Haley, who’s younger, brilliant, beautiful, and more cerebral, makes for a bit of an odd couple relationship. I wake up early every morning desperate to write the next few chapters of their latest adventure.”

He is also an avid photographer and loves getting out in nature to take pictures."

Series Books
Axe & Haley A Team Of One (2021)
  A Team Of Two (2021)
  Operation Rapid Revenge (ss) (2021)
  Operation White Stripe (ss) (2022)
  Operation One Shot (ss) (2022)
  Operation White Flag (ss) (2022)
  Operation Hammer Time (ss) (2022)
  Operation Mad Dog (ss) (2022)
  Operation Past Due (ss) (2022)
  Operation Dark Moon (ss) (2022)
  Operation Swing Time (ss) (2022)
  Operation End Run (ss) (2022)
  Operation Deadly Silence Part 2 (ss) (2022)
  Operation Deadly Silence (ss) (2022)
  A Team Of Six (2022)
  A Team Of Six (2022)
  A Team Of Four (2022)
  A Team Of Three (2022)
  Operation First Kill (ss) (2023)
  Operation Battle Rattle (ss) (2023)
  Operation Cease Fire (ss) (2023)
  Operation Sudden Fury (ss) (2023)