Writing as: David J. Oldman

According to the bio on GoodReads: "Born into the austerity of post-war Britain, David J Oldman began writing in his early twenties and is now unable to break the habit. Frequently humorous, and often deceptively moving, his books are an examination of ordinary people caught up in life-changing events beyond their control. He presently lives with his wife in the New Forest in the south of England, adjusting to a life just beyond his own control while pursuing his deep interest in history, writers and writing."

Series Books
Harry Tennant The Unquiet Grave (2016)
  Requiem For A Patriot (2018)
  The Catcher Of Halensee (2020)
Other Looking For Ginger (2011)
  A Voice From The Congo (2011)
  A Weapon Of The Bourgeoisie (2011)
  On Wings Of Death (2013)
  Dusk At Dawn (2014)
  Sifting The Ashes (2022)