Writing as: Michael Monahan

According to the bio on Amazon: "Michael Monahan was born and raised in Upstate New York, where he later attended undergraduate and law school. Since spending the first several years after law school graduation in private practice, he has followed a unique career path. In addition to being a lawyer, Monahan has worked as an investment banker, consultant, corporate strategist, and consultative technology sales representative. Monahan has consistently pursued challenges during his professional career and that approach led him to try his hand at creative writing.

With assistance from the key people who helped Vince Flynn self-publish his first novel, Term Limits, Monahan published his first, The Bringer of Death, in December 2017 and followed that up with the sequel, Counter Strike, released in January 2019. Monahan is presently working on a third book in the PJ Carpenter series.

The author resides in the Twin Cities with his wife and their two daughters."

Series Books
P. J. Carpenter The Bringer Of Death (2017)
  Counter Strike (2019)