1864 - 1922

Writing as: Percy James Brebner

According to Wikipedia: "Percy James Brebner (March 24, 1864 – July 31, 1922) was a British author of adventure and detective fiction. He was the eldest son of James Brebner, manager of the National Provincial Bank of England, Piccadilly. He was educated at King's College School and worked in the Share & Loan Department of the Stock Exchange before he began his writing career. He published his early novels under the name Christian Lys. Brebner wrote several historical novels. One of his most popular creations was professor Christopher Quarles, a master detective of the Sherlock Holmes variety. His Lost World title The Fortress of Yadasara also known as The Knight of the Silver Star was described as "a highly romantic lost-race adventure in the mode of the contemporary historical novel.". It was serialized in Italian and Spanish pulp adventure journals in the early 20th century and was listed in 333: A Bibliography of the Science-Fantasy Novel a collection of the best efforts in Science-Fantasy up to and including 1950.

Brebner also wrote for various British and American newspapers and magazines including the Weekly Tale Teller and The Sunday Star and publications like The Ilfracombe Chronicle War Supplement during the First World War."

Series Books
Valentine West The Missing Signorina (ss) (1918)
  The Lady's Glove (ss) (1918)
  The Man With The Carnation (ss) (1918)
  The Rope Ladder (ss) (1918)
  The Naked Man (ss) (1918)
  Hardacre's Emerald (ss) (1918)