Writing as: David C. Parlier

According to the bio on Amazon: "David C. Parlier is a retired international sales manager for a global telecommunications manufacturer. He lived in the Middle East for four years plus traveling to 45 countries worldwide, including Europe, Asia, South America and the Caribbean.

David is an instrument-rated pilot, ocean and cave scuba diver, and enjoys sailing and 'ham' radio. He lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina with his wife, Lynne, and three crazy cats."

Series Books
Jon Deats Quest For Mayhem (2016)
  Cabal Of Fear (2016)
  East Of Tyranny (2016)
  Cyber Mission Moscow (2017)
  Hapless In Havana (2017)
  Hapless In Havana (2017)
  Cloaked In Chaos (2017)
  Despot In Despair (2018)
  Deats In Deep (2020)
  Burned In Beijing (2020)
  Death By Nanotech (2020)