1958 -

Writing as: M. L. Buchman

According to the About portion of his website: "Bestselling author M.L. Buchman started the first of over 70 novels and 100 short stories (along with an ever-growing pile of audiobooks narrated by the author) while flying from South Korea to ride across the Australian Outback. All part of an around-the-world bicycle trip (a mid-life crisis on wheels) that ultimately launched his writing career. His true loves are military romantic suspense and political technothrillers; with contemporary romance, fantasy, and SF all vying for third place.

M. L. has designed and built houses, flown and jumped out of airplanes, and consulted to the Fortune 100. He is constantly amazed at what can be done with a degree in geophysics."

Series Books
Miranda Chase Drone (2019)
  Thunderbolt (2019)
  Condor (2020)
  Ghostrider (2020)
  Raider (2020)
  Honor Flight (ss) (2020)
  Island Christmas (ss) (2020)
  Chinook (2021)
  Havoc (2021)
  Skibird (2022)
  Lightning (2022)
  Nightwatch (2023)
  Osprey (2023)
  Gryphon (2023)
Other Monk's Maze (2010)
  Where Dreams Are Born [Where Dreams] (2011)
  Swap Out! (2011)
  Night Is Mine, The [Night Stalkers] (2012)
  I Own the Dawn [Night Stalkers] (2012)
  Daniel's Christmas [Night Stalkers White House] (2012)
  Where Dreams Reside [Where Dreams] (2013)
  Maria's Christmas Table [Where Dreams] (2013)
  Where Dreams Unfold [Where Dreams] (2013)
  Wait Until Dark [Night Stalkers] (2013)
  Take Over at Midnight [Night Stalkers] (2013)
  Frank's Independence Day [Night Stalkers White House] (2013)
  Peter's Christmas [Night Stalkers White House] (2013)
  Cookbook from Hell: Reheated [Deities Anonymous] (2013)
  Saviors 101 [Deities Anonymous] (2013)
  Where Dreams Are Written [Where Dreams] (2014)
  Where Dreams Taste Like Chocolate [Where Dreams] (2014)
  Light Up the Night [Night Stalkers] (2014)
  Ghost of Willow's Past [Night Stalkers] (2014)
  Man the Guns, My Mate [Night Stalkers] (2014)
  Fire Light Fire Bright [Firehawks Hotshots] (2014)
  Road to the Fire's Heart [Firehawks Hotshots] (2014)
  Firelights of Christmas [Firehawks Hotshots] (2014)
  One Chef! [Kate Stark] (2014)
  Two Chef! [Kate Stark] (2014)
  Return to Eagle Cove [Eagle Cove] (2014)
  Recipe for Eagle Cove [Eagle Cove] (2014)
  Pure Heat [Firehawks] (2014)
  Full Blaze [Firehawks] (2014)
  Wildfire at Dawn [Firehawks Smokejumpers] (2014)
  Looking for the Fire [Firehawks Lookouts Stories] (2014)
  Summer of Fire and Heart [Firehawks Lookouts Stories] (2014)
  Christmas at Steel Beach [Night Stalkers and the Navy] (2014)
  Sword of Io, The [Future Night Stalkers Stories] (2014)
  Nara (2014)
  Where Dreams Are Sewn [Where Dreams] (2015)
  Where Dreams Are Well Done [Where Dreams] (2015)
  Bring on the Dusk [Night Stalkers] (2015)
  Heart of the Storm [Night Stalkers] (2015)
  Beale's Hawk Down [Night Stalkers] (2015)
  Flight to Fight [Night Stalkers] (2015)
  Zachary's Christmas [Night Stalkers White House] (2015)
  Fire Light Cabin Bright [Firehawks Hotshots] (2015)
  Hot Point [Firehawks] (2015)
  Wildfire at Larch Creek [Firehawks Smokejumpers] (2015)
  Wildfire on the Skagit [Firehawks Smokejumpers] (2015)
  Fire at Gray Wolf Lookout [Firehawks Lookouts Stories] (2015)
  Blaze Atop Swallow Hill Lookout [Firehawks Lookouts Stories] (2015)
  Christmas at Peleliu Cove [Night Stalkers and the Navy] (2015)
  Night Rescue [Future Night Stalkers Stories] (2015)
  Target Engaged [Delta Force Team] (2015)
  Iced Chef! [Dead Chef Stories] (2015)
  Gas Grilled Chef! [Dead Chef Stories] (2015)
  Christmas at Henderson's Ranch [Henderson's Ranch Stories] (2015)
  Target of the Heart [Night Stalkers 5E] (2015)
  Target Lock On Love [Night Stalkers 5E] (2015)
  Dawn Flight [Night Stalkers CSAR Stories] (2015)
  By Break of Day [Night Stalkers] (2016)
  Roy's Independence Day [Night Stalkers White House] (2016)
  Damien's Christmas [Night Stalkers White House] (2016)
  Hotshot Christmas, A [Firehawks Hotshots] (2016)
  Longing for Eagle Cove [Eagle Cove] (2016)
  Flash of Fire [Firehawks] (2016)
  Wild Fire [Firehawks] (2016)
  Together atop Sapphire Lookout [Firehawks Lookouts Stories] (2016)
  Second Chance Rescue [Future Night Stalkers Stories] (2016)
  Heart Strike [Delta Force Team] (2016)
  Reaching Out at Henderson's Ranch [Henderson's Ranch Stories] (2016)
  Target of Mine [Night Stalkers 5E] (2016)
  NSDQ [Night Stalkers CSAR Stories] (2016)
  Night and Day [Night Stalkers CSAR Stories] (2016)
  Lightning Strike to the Heart [Delta Force Stories] (2016)
  For Her Dark Eyes Only [Delta Force Stories] (2016)
  Her Silent Heart and the Open Sky [Delta Force Stories] (2016)
  What the Heart Holds Safe [Delta Force Stories] (2016)
  Lost Love Found in Eagle Cove [Eagle Cove Stories] (2016)
  Keepsake for Eagle Cove [Eagle Cove Stories] (2016)
  Circle 'Round [Night Stalkers] (2017)
  First Day, Every Day [Night Stalkers] (2017)
  Heart's Refuge [Future Night Stalkers Stories] (2017)
  Wild Justice [Delta Force Team] (2017)
  Nathan's Big Sky [Henderson's Ranch Stories] (2017)
  Welcome at Henderson's Ranch [Henderson's Ranch Stories] (2017)
  Big Sky, Loyal Heart [Henderson's Ranch Stories] (2017)
  Guardian of the Heart [Night Stalkers CSAR Stories] (2017)
  Love in a Copper Light [Night Stalkers CSAR Stories] (2017)
  Love's Second Chance [Delta Force Stories] (2017)
  Sound of Her Warrior Heart [Delta Force Stories] (2017)
  Her Heart and the 'Friend' Command [Delta Force Stories] (2017)
  Love in the Drop Zone [Delta Force Stories] (2017)
  Delta Mission: Operation Rudoplh [Delta Force Stories] (2017)
  Heart of the Cotswolds [Love Abroad B&B] (2017)
  Gods Are Out Inn, The [Deities Anonymous|Fantasy] (2017)
  Midnight Trust [Delta Force Team] (2018)
  Finding Henderson's Ranch [Henderson's Ranch Stories] (2018)
  Emily's Christmas Gift [Henderson's Ranch Stories] (2018)
  Sergeant George and the Dragoon [Night Stalkers 5E] (2018)
  Just Shy of a Dream [Night Stalkers CSAR Stories] (2018)
  Play the Right Cards [Delta Force Stories] (2018)
  Path of Love [Love Abroad B&B] (2018)
  Off the Leash [White House Protection Force] (2018)
  On Your Mark [White House Protection Force] (2018)
  In the Weeds [White House Protection Force] (2018)
  They'd Most Certainly Be Flying [Oregon Firebirds] (2018)
  For All Their Days [Oregon Firebirds] (2018)
  When They Just Know [Oregon Firebirds] (2018)
  They Both Hold the Truth [Oregon Firebirds] (2018)
  Twice the Heat [Oregon Firebirds] (2018)
  Flying Above the Hindu Kush [Night Stalkers] (2019)
  Mirror-Moon Light, Mirror-Moon Bright [Future Night Stalkers Stories] (2019)
  They Taught Us Wrong [Future Night Stalkers Stories] (2019)
  Christmas Cookied Chef! [Dead Chef Stories] (2019)
  Big Sky Dog Whisperer [Henderson's Ranch Stories] (2019)
  Big Sky Dog Whisperer [Henderson's Ranch Stories] (2019)
  Target of One's Own [Night Stalkers 5E] (2019)
  Apple Tart of Eden, The [Deities Anonymous|Fantasy] (2019)
  At the Slightest Sound [Shadowforce: PSI] (2019)
  At the Quietest Word [Shadowforce: PSI] (2019)
  Where Dreams Thrive [Where Dreams] (2020)
  Sweet Tooth [Night Stalkers] (2020)
  Emily's First Flight [Night Stalkers] (2020)
  Complete Hotshots, The [Firehawks Hotshots] (2020)
  Complete Fire Lookouts, The [Firehawks] (2020)
  Complete Night Stalkers 5E Stories, The [Night Stalkers 5E] (2020)
  Team Black Sheep [Night Stalkers CSAR Stories] (2020)
  Survive Until the Final Scene [Night Stalkers CSAR Stories] (2020)
  Storm's Gift [Night Stalkers CSAR Stories] (2020)
  Swiftwater Rescue [Night Stalkers CSAR Stories] (2020)
  Swiftwater Rescue [Night Stalkers CSAR Stories] (2020)
  Carrying the Heart's Load [Delta Force Stories] (2020)
  Complete Delta Force Shooters, The [Delta Force Stories] (2020)
  Complete Delta Force Warriors, The [Delta Force Stories] (2020)
  At the Merest Glance [Shadowforce: PSI] (2020)
  At the Clearest Sensation [Shadowforce: PSI] (2020)
  Complete US Coast Guard, The (2020)
  Ice Shelf Rescue [Antarctic Ice Fliers] (2021)
  Sunrise on 'The Ice' [Antarctic Ice Fliers] (2021)
  South Pole Peaches & Cream [Antarctic Ice Fliers] (2021)
  In for the Long Haul [Antarctic Ice Fliers] (2021)
  South Pole Rescue [Antarctic Ice Fliers] (2021)
  Till the Clown Sings (2021)
  Where Dreams Continue (2021)
  Fat City, Daddy-O (2021)
  Complete Night Stalkers 5D Stories, The [Night Stalkers] (2022)
  Complete Night Stalkers Wedding Stories, The [Night Stalkers] (2022)
  Complete Antarctic Ice Fliers Stories, The [Antarctic Ice Fliers] (2022)
  Solo Crossing [Sailing] (2022)
  Return Passage [Sailing] (2022)
  Narrowboat Goddess [Sailing] (2022)
  Carved from Sand [Sailing] (2022)
  Santa and the Pirate Queen [Sailing] (2022)
  Race Begins, The [Dilya's Dog Force] (2022)
  Library Trail, The [Dilya's Dog Force] (2022)
  Catalog Message, The [Dilya's Dog Force] (2022)
  Railway Code, The [Dilya's Dog Force] (2022)
  Two Dog Solution, The [Dilya's Dog Force] (2022)