1903 - 1963

Writing as: John W. Vandercook

According to "Author of 14 books in a wide range of genres (mystery, biography, travel and science fiction). An expert on the South Pacific and the West Indies, his bestselling biography Black Majesty, The Life of Christophe King of Haiti (1928) was illustrated by Mahlon Blaine (as were several other titles). John Vandercook's novel Murder in Trinidad (1933) was made into a film the following year and starred Nigel Bruce (best known for playing Dr. Watson in The Hound of the Baskervilles). In 1940 he became a correspondent and commentator for NBC radio.(Hear his pool report Reaction to the D-Day Invasion)."

Series Books
Bertram Lynch Murder In Trinidad (1933)
  Murder In Fiji (1936)
  Murder In Haiti (1956)
  Murder In New Guinea (1959)