1981 -

Writing as: Seth Lochhead

According to Wikipedia: "Seth Lochhead is a Canadian screenwriter. He is best known for writing the 2011 film Hanna with David Farr.

Lochhead attended Vancouver Film School's Writing for Film & Television program, where he wrote his first screenplay, Hanna, while he was in his early 20s. He completed the script after leaving film school and in 2006 it was listed on the Hollywood Black List of the best unproduced scripts in Hollywood. Lochhead sold the screenplay to Focus Features in March 2007, although he received a much higher bid from another American production company. Hanna was directed by Joe Wright and released in 2011 after being in development for a total of six years. Lochhead shared the writing credit with David Farr, a British writer and theatre director, who wrote another draft of the film during its development but whom Lochhead does not personally know. He has been chosen to write for the upcoming Shadow of the Colossus movie.

Before Hanna had been produced, Lochhead was approached to pitch himself as a writer for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and a film adaptation of the Masters of the Universe series featuring He-Man. He has written several screenplays since Hanna, including Cadar, which was sold to Spitfire Pictures, and Governess, which was picked up by Warner Bros. with Michael Bay as a producer. He has considered becoming a film director in addition to screenwriting, as well as relocating to Los Angeles."

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