1902 - 1978

Writing as: T. T. Flynn

According to the bio on Fantastic Fiction: "Theodore Thomas Flynn (better known as T.T. Flynn, western and detective fiction author) is nowadays remembered for his book, The Man from Laramie, which was made into a successful movie. He also wrote a series of stories about Mr. Maddox, a bookie detective, in Dime Detective; another series about a P.I. couple Trixie and Mike in Detective Fiction Weekly; and wrote western stories for Adventure, Short Stories, Star Western, and Argosy.

Series Books
Valentine Easton The Black Doctor (ss) (1932)
  Torture Tavern (ss) (1933)
  The Jade Joss (ss) (1933)
  The Evil Brand (ss) (1934)
  The Dragons of Chang Ch'ien (ss) (1935)
  The Complete Cases of Val Easton (2020)