Writing as: John Carson

According to the bio on Fantastic Fiction: "John Carson is the author of the DI Frank Miller detective series. He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and lived there most of his life. In 2006, he emigrated to New York State with his American wife and two daughters. They now live in a small town in the Hudson Valley where his wife was brought up, with a German Shepherd, a Beagle mix and four cats."

Series Books
Max Doyle Final Steps (2018)
  Code Red (2018)
  The October Project (2018)
Other Silent Marker [DI Frank Miller] (2015)
  Rain Town [DI Frank Miller] (2016)
  Watch Me Bleed [DI Frank Miller] (2016)
  Broken Wheels [DI Frank Miller] (2016)
  Sudden Death [DI Frank Miller] (2017)
  Under The Knife [DI Frank Miller] (2017)
  Trial And Error [DI Frank Miller] (2017)
  Crash Point [DI Frank Miller] (2017)
  Warning Sign [DI Frank Miller] (2018)
  Cut Throat [DI Frank Miller] (2018)
  Blood from a Stone [DI Frank Miller] (2018)
  Dead Before You Die [DCI Harry McNeil] (2019)
  Back to Life [DCI Harry McNeil] (2019)
  Sticks and Stones [DCI Harry McNeil] (2019)
  Old Habits (2019)
  God Complex [DI Frank Miller] (2019)
  Time of Death [DI Frank Miller] (2019)
  Return to Evil aka God Complex [DCI Harry McNeil] (2019)
  Hour of Need [DCI Harry McNeil] (2020)
  Blood and Tears [DCI Harry McNeil] (2020)
  Devil to Pay [DCI Harry McNeil] (2020)
  Point of no Return [DCI Harry McNeil] (2020)
  Rush to Judgement [DCI Harry McNeil] (2020)
  Starvation Lake [DCI Sean Bracken] (2020)
  Fall from Grace [DCI Harry McNeil] (2021)
  Over Kill [DCI Sean Bracken] (2021)
  Life Extinct [DCI Sean Bracken] (2021)
  Crossing Over [DCI Sean Bracken] (2021)
  Think Twice [DCI Sean Bracken] (2021)
  Crash and Burn [DCI Harry McNeil] (2021)
  Against the Clock [DCI Harry McNeil] (2021)
  All or Nothing [DCI Harry McNeil] (2022)
  Dead and Buried [DCI Harry McNeil] (2022)
  Final Warning [Calvin Stewart] (2022)
  Hard Case [Calvin Stewart] (2022)