Writing as: Stephen Langford

According to the bio on Amazon: "Stephen Langford grew up in Kentucky, an avid fan of Conan Doyle, Ian Fleming, E.E. Doc Smith, and Sir Walter Scott. For his entire life, stories in various genres have been rolling around in his brain. Although he earned a PhD in Chemistry and pursued a professional technical career, the dream of becoming a creative storyteller has never left him.

In 2017, Langford launched his first novel, Agent Orange, a cold war spy thriller and the first book in a trilogy that includes the sequels, The Schoolboy and Jetsetter.

Langford now lives and writes in the upper midwestern plains of the United States, surrounded by his family and faithful friends. He has many stories left to write, and looks forward to building a relationship with his readers."

Series Books
Agent Orange Agent Orange (2017)
  The Schoolboy (2017)
  Jetsetter (2018)
  The Jungle Of Death (ss) (2019)