1956 -

Writing as: Chris Hauty

According to the bio on his website: "Chris Hauty was born in 1956 in San Antonio, Texas, and raised in Delaware, a geographic and cultural relocation made more tolerable by virtue of his relative youth and an obsession with Greek mythology. He graduated from Reed College, in Portland, Oregon, then moved to New York, where he supported his playwriting habit as a bike messenger and graphic artist. His plays produced Off-Off-Broadway included South of American Business and Shut Eye, Big Mouth. The sale of his first screenplay, Don Coyote, to 20th Century Fox prompted a move to Los Angeles. Employed for the last thirty years as a screenwriter, he has worked for every major movie studio, in nearly all genres, and in collaboration with Hollywood professionals ranging from Mel Gibson to Jessica Alba."

Series Books
Hayley Chill Deep State (2020)
  Savage Road (2021)
  Storm Rising (2022)
  Insurrection Day (ss) (2022)
  The Devil You Know (2023)