Writing as: Scott Mariani

According to the bio on his website: "Scott was born in Scotland, later studied at Oxford and ended up living there. Deciding after university that a career in academia didn’t suit him, he pursued his ambition to write for a living. During what turned out to be a long process of reaching that goal, he worked in various jobs from teaching English and music, running a burger bar, and playing in bands. Eventually leaving Oxfordshire and moving to the tranquil and beautiful setting of rural west Wales, the idea for the Ben Hope character came to him while hiking in the countryside with his dogs. The first Ben Hope book, The Alchemist’s Secret, went on to spend six straight weeks at #1 in the charts and sell publishing rights across the world. Every book since has been a bestseller, and there is no end in sight for the Ben Hope series."

Series Books
Alex Bishop Uprising (2010)
  The Cross (2011)
Group 15 Witness X (ss) (2017)
Ben Hope The Alchemist's Secret (2007)
  The Mozart Conspiracy (2008)
  The Hope Vendetta (2009)
  The Heretic's Treasure (2009)
  The Shadow Project (2010)
  The Lost Relic (2011)
  Passenger 13 (ss) (2011)
  The Sacred Sword (2012)
  The Armada Legacy (2013)
  Bring Him Back (ss) (2013)
  The Nemesis Program (2014)
  The Tunnel (ss) (2015)
  The Martyr's Curse (2015)
  The Forgotten Holocaust (2015)
  Star of Africa (2016)
  The Devil's Kingdom (2016)
  The Cassandra Sanction (2016)
  The Babylon Idol (2017)
  The Bach Manuscript (2017)
  The Moscow Cipher (2018)
  The Rebel’s Revenge (2018)
  Valley of Death (2019)
  House of War (2020)
  The Demon Club (2020)
  The Pretender’s Gold (2020)
  The Pendemic Plot (2021)
  The Crusader's Cross (2021)
  The Silver Serpent (2022)
  Graveyard Of Empires (2022)
  The White Knight (2023)