1908 - 1988

Writing as: Ben Healey, J. G. Jeffreys, E. G. Whitney

British crime author. Was artist and designer in British film industry.

I read one comment on a website that stated "E.G. Whitney" was a pseudonym used by this author.

Series Books
Ben Healey
Other Waiting for a Tiger [Paul Hedley] (1965)
  The Millstone Men [Paul Hedley] (1966)
  Death in Three Masks aka The Terrible Pictures [Paul Hedley] (1967)
  Murder Without Crime [Paul Hedley] (1968)
  The Red Head Herring (1969)
  The Vespucci Papers [Harcourt d’Espinal] (1972)
  The Trouble with Penelope [Paul Hedley] (1972)
  The Stone Baby [Harcourt d’Espinal] (1974)
  The Horstmann Inheritance [Harcourt d’Espinal] (1975)
  The Blanket of the Dark [Paul Hedley] (1976)
  The Snapdragon Murders [Paul Hedley] (1978)
  Last Ferry from the Lido aka Midnight Ferry to Venice [Paul Hedley] (1981)
  The Week of the Scorpion (1981)
J. G. Jeffreys
Other The Village of Rogues [Jeremy Sturrock] (1972)
  A Wicked Way to Die [Jeremy Sturrock] (1973)
  The Wilful Lady [Jeremy Sturrock] (1975)
  A Conspiracy of Poisons [Jeremy Sturrock] (1977)
  Suicide Most Foul [Jeremy Sturrock] (1981)
  Captain Bolton’s Corpse [Jeremy Sturrock] (1982)
  The Pangersbourne Murders [Jeremy Sturrock] (1983)
E. G. Whitney
Man In A Suitcase The Sleeping Cupid (1967)