1905 - ?

Writing as: Ludwig Carl Moyzisch

According to Wikipedia: "Moyzisch was born in Austria, and raised under the Catholic faith. His maternal grandmother was Jewish, which made him a second degree mischling [mixed race]. Moyzisch was a journalist in Vienna prior to becoming a member of Nazi Germany's intelligence services during World War II.

Although Moyzisch had some Jewish heritage, he was still accepted into the Nazi Sicherheitsdienst (SD). This was accomplished in part by becoming a member of the Nazi party.

He had an official title of commercial attaché in Ankara, while secretly working there as SD chief. He reported to Walter Schellenberg while in Ankara during 1941–1944. Moyzisch lived in Ankara with his wife and son, but he was unable to get his mother and sister out of Germany. Schellenberg and Himmler were quite impressed by the efficient, professional, and friendly manner in which he worked. An SS officer intervened when an anonymous letter was sent to the regime stating that Moyzisch was part Jewish."

Series Books
Five Fingers Operation Cicero (1950)