1911 - 1999

Writing as: Milton Luros

According to the bio on PulpArtists: "Milton Luros was born Milton Louis Rosenblatt on December 26, 1911 in Brooklyn. His parents, Louis and Dora Rosenblatt, were German Jewish immigrants. They raised a large family in a rented apartment at 25 Grafton Street in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn. The father was a house painter.

After finishing high school he attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, where he studied with several notable illustrators, such as H. W. Scott, Frederick Blakeslee, and John Fleming Gould.

In 1935 he devised the distinctive professional name, Luros, by reconfiguring his middle name, Louis, with the "R" from his actual last name.

His first assignments were pen and ink interior story illustrations for Western Trails.

By 1937 he had begun to sell freelance pulp covers to Adventure Novels, Cowboy Romances, Crack Detective, Dime Mystery, Dime Western, Double Action Gang, Exciting Western, Detective Novels, Detective Tales, New Detective, Popular Detective, Science Fiction, Strange Detective, Ten Detective Aces, 10-Story Detective, Thrilling Detective, Thrilling Ranch, True Crime, True Gangster, Western Aces, and Western Yarns."

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