1874 - 1950

Writing as: Arthur Stringer

According to the Wikipedia: "Arthur Stringer was a Canadian novelist, screenwriter, and poet who later moved to the United States.

He published 45 works of fiction and 15 other books, in addition to writing filmscripts and articles.

Stringer was born in Chatham, Ontario. In 1884 the family moved to London, Ontario, where Charles attended London Collegiate Institute. At the Institute he founded and edited a school magazine called Chips. He then attended University College, University of Toronto from 1892 to 1894 and later studied at Oxford University.

Stringer's first book of poetry, Watchers of Twilight and Other Poems, was published in 1894.

In 1895 he worked for the Montreal Herald. At this time he was also publishing in Saturday Night and the Canadian Magazine. In 1898 he got a job with the American Press Association, moved to New York City, and began publishing in The Atlantic and Harper's. His first poem in Harper's, "Remorse", appeared in February 1899. His first novel, The Silver Poppy, came out in 1903. In the same year he bought a farm on the shore of Lake Erie. and married actress Jobyna Howland, known as the original Gibson girl. They divorced in 1914, and Stringer married his cousin, Margaret Arbuthnott.

In 1921, the Stringers moved to Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, where Arthur Stringer continued to write.

Stringer wrote crime fiction and wilderness adventures, mainly using conventional formulae. He wrote as well in many other genres, from social realism (his "Prairie" trilogy, 1915–1921) to psychological fiction (The Wine of Life (1921). He wrote early science fiction novels, The Story Without a Name (1924) with Russell Holman, and The Woman Who Couldn't Die (1929).

Much of his writing was for films. Film scripts on which he worked include The Perils Of Pauline (1914), The Hand Of Peril (1916), The House Of Intrigue (1919), Unseeing Eyes (1923), Empty Hands (1924), The Canadian (1926), The Purchase Price (1932), The Lady Fights Back (1937), Buck Benny Rides Again (1940) and The Iron Claw (1941).

Stringer remained a resident of New Jersey until his death in 1950, aged 76."

Series Books
Kestner of the Secret Service The Secret Agent (ss) (1910)
  The Counterfeiters: In the Paris Quarters (ss) (1914)
  The Counterfeiters: Their Palermo Quarters (ss) (1914)
  The Counterfeiters: The Quarters in Manhattan (ss) (1914)
  The Counterfeiters: The Quarters off the Avenue, Part 1 (ss) (1914)
  On Secret Service: The Secret House (ss) (1915)
  On Secret Service: The Secret Explosive (ss) (1915)
  On Secret Service: The Secret Wireless Code (ss) (1915)
  On Secret Service: The Secret Coast-Gun (ss) (1915)
  On Secret Service: Story 2 (ss) (1915)
  The Counterfeiters: The Quarters on the River, Part 2 (ss) (1915)
  The Counterfeiters: The Quarters in Rome (ss) (1915)
  On Secret Service: The Secret Conference (ss) (1915)
  The Counterfeiters: The Quarters on the River, Part 1 (ss) (1915)
  The Counterfeiters: The Quarters off the Avenue, Part 2 (ss) (1915)
  The Hand Of Peril (1915)
  On Secret Service: Story 1 (ss) (1915)
  The Door of Dread (1916)
Other The Silver Poppy (1903)
  Lonely O'Malley: A Story of Boy Life (1905)
  The Wire Tappers (1906)
  Phantom Wires: A Novel (1907)
  The Under Groove: A Novel (1908)
  The Gun-Runner: A Novel (1909)
  The Shadow aka Never-Fail Blake (1913)
  The Prairie Wife (1915)
  The House of Intrigue (1918)
  The Man Who Couldn't Sleep (1919)
  The Prairie Mother (1920)
  Twin Tales (1921)
  The Wine of Life (1921)
  The Prairie Child (1922)
  Unseeing Eyes (1923)
  Empty Hands (1924)