1897 - 1974

Writing as: Edwin Dale, Judith Dale, Rupert Hall, Edward R. Home-Gall

Edward Home-Gall was born on or around 1897 in England. He was an extremely prolific writer, especially of short stories appearing in magazines in that country.

According to the website "Bear Alley": Edward joined the Amalgamated Press in 1914 as an office-boy. His first story appeared in the semi-religious weekly The Sunday Circle and his second, a football yarn, in the Boys’ Realm, then under the editorship of John Nix Pentelow. Although under age, he managed to join a Territorial Unit and enlisted in the Isle of White Rifles, taking part in the landing in Gallipoli, although was later invalided home with enteric. He made a full recovery and returned to fight in Messines where, as a Second Lieutenant with the Royal Fusiliers, he was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry in January 1918. He relinquished his commission on October 29, 1920, with the rank of Lieutenant.

Home-Gall wrote hundreds of stories for the Thomson papers—Rover, Wizard, Adventure—and also the later stories of Harry Lovell & Co. for H. A. Hinton’s School and Sport after Charles Hamilton refused to write any more due to non-payment (Home-Gall was also never paid).

His fortunes turned in 1923 when he sold a serial to R. T. Eves’ young paper, Champion. For the next thirty years he wrote three 5,000-7,000 word stories a week for Champion and Triumph plus stories for the annuals and elsewhere. He was the creator of the detective Colwyn Dane, and was especially noted for his speedway yarns, claiming that he wrote the first speedway story ever published in Britain. One reader in Australia, bored with his job as a car attendant on the railways, wrote to him asking how he could become a speedway rider and followed Home-Gall’s advice… Bluey Wilkinson was later recognised as one of the greatest riders ever known to the sport."

Series Books
Edwin Dale
Victor Gaunt Gaunt of the Khyber Pass (ss) (1932)
  Gaunt - Master Spy (ss) (1932)
  Gaunt the Master Spy in China (ss) (1935)
  Gaunt of the White Tong (ss) (1937)
Other Dare-Devils of the Dirt Track (1929)
  Speedsters of the Dirt Track (1931)
  Stars of the Speedway (1931)
  Bronco Dawson, The Cowboy Speed King (1932)
  The 40 m.p.h. Footer Stars (1932)
  From Bush to Speedway (1932)
  Stunters of the Speedway (1933)
  Dare-Devils of the Q Patrol! (1933)
  The Speedway Circus Star (1933)
  Speed King of Monk’s Mechanical Circus (1934)
  Mad to be a Speed Star (1934)
  The Flying Speedster (1934)
  Lone-Hand Lawrence, the Aussie Speedster (1935)
  The Heavyweight Mountie (1935)
  Riders of the Phantom Speedster (1935)
  The Arctic Castaways (1935)
  Broadside Boyd (1935)
  Skipper of the River Rebels (1936)
  Speedway Menace (1936)
  The Speedway Roughriders (1936)
  Cyclone Zip, the Aussie Speedster (1936)
  King Flame (1937)
  The Ice-Rink Speedsters (1937)
  The Country of No Escape (1937)
  The Rebel Speed Star (1937)
  Ice-King Kerry (1938)
  The Ice Aces of Haunted Valley (1938)
  The Challenge of the Red Domino (1938)
  The Speedster from Devil’s Island (1938)
  The Ice-Rink Avenger (1938)
  Ice-Rink Regan’s Timber Wolves (1938)
  The Hunchback of Stenmoor Stadium (1939)
  Don Sabre, the Desert Robin Hood (1939)
  The Scapegrace Centre-Forward (1939)
  The Secret of Puck-Chaser Steele (1939)
Judith Dale
Other Shirley Flight in Hollywood [Shirley Flight) (1958)
  The Diamond Smugglers [Shirley Flight) (1958)
  Desert Adventure [Shirley Flight) (1958)
  Shirley Flight, Air Hostess, In Hollywood [Shirley Flight) (1958)
  The Rajah’s Daughter [Shirley Flight) (1959)
  Congo Rescue [Shirley Flight) (1959)
  The Great Bullion Mystery [Shirley Flight) (1959)
  The Flying Doctor [Shirley Flight) (1959)
  Pacific Castaways [Shirley Flight) (1960)
  Fjord Adventure [Shirley Flight) (1960)
  Canadian Capers [Shirley Flight] (1961)
  Chinese Puzzle [Shirley Flight] (1961)
  Flying Jet [Shirley Flight) (1961)
  Storm Warning [Shirley Flight) (1961)
Rupert Hall
Victor Gaunt Gaunt Flying Spy (ss) (1933)
Other Mascot Ted (1926)
  Hated by the Team! (1929)
  The Pro from Nowhere (1929)
  Stick it, Cowboy Ken! (1929)
  Play Up, the Linnets! (1929)
  The Lad with the Lightning Left (1929)
  Boy Riders of the Stockyard (1930)
  War Hawks o’ Flanders (1930)
  The Youngest Pro in the Country! (1931)
  True to his Colours (1931)
  No Team Like the Trojans! (1931)
  The Kid They Couldn’t Tame (1932)
  To Victory with the Tanks! (1933)
  Wanderers of the Wild (1933)
  The Mystery Man of the Legion (1933)
  Rough Diamond Rudd of the Fighting Fusiliers! (1934)
  The Phantom Avenger (1934)
  The Holdfast Hikers of the Amazon (1934)
  The Masked Footballer (1934)
  The Millionaire Footballer (1935)
  Air-Crazy Atkins (1935)
  Doomed to Devil Island! (1935)
  The Hobo Footballers (1935)
  Castaways of Conspiracy Island (1936)
  The Big-Hit Blacksmith (1936)
  The Hobo Cup-Fighters (1936)
  The Caravan Rovers (1937)
  Racer Dan of the Whirlwind Wheelers (1938)
  Flip’s Flying Flea (1938)
  Unlucky Mike (1939)
  The Mystery Six-Hitter from India (1940)
  Giraffe Jones The Hairpin Half-Back (1940)
Edward R. Home-Gall
Victor Gaunt Victor Gaunt in China (1947)
  Victor Gaunt - Master Spy (1949)
Other The Lone Mountie (1940)
  The Haunted Ice-Rink, An Ice-hockey Mystery Thriller (1946)
  The Football Commandos (1946)
  The Outlaw Mountie and Red Fang, the Wonder Husky (1947)
  The Railway Rovers (1948)
  Beau Rapier, the Desert Dick Turpin (1948)
  Hooded Terror of the Speedway (1948)
  Fighting Rebels of the Desert (1948)
  The Phantom Ice Demon (1949)
  Mystery Goal-Getter of the Rovers (1949)
  Ace Carew—Airman Speed King (Carew) (1949)
  The Jungle Speedsters (1949)
  The Speed Ace Gang-Buster (1949)
  Appointment With Death (1949)
  The Boxing Cyclones (1949)
  Black Hand (1950)
  A Prince of the Willow (1950)
  The Secret Centre-Half (1950)
  The Hooded Terror Tong (1950)
  The Human Bat v The Robot Gangster (1950)
  The Masked Record-Breaker (1950)
  Trailed By Snakeman (1950)
  The Speed-Ace Frogman (1950)
  Lightning the One-Ton Wonder (1950)
  The Football Speedsters (1950)
  The Human Bat (1950)
  The Century-Hitter From Nowhere (1950)
  King of the Cycling Sabres (1950)
  The Redskin Ice-Ace of the "Outlaws" (1950.)
  The Roving Rovers (1952)
  The Convict Speed Devil (1953)
  The Lumber Camp Killers (1953)
  The Yellow Peril Island (1954)
  Thugs of the High Seas (1954)