1983 -

Writing as: Christopher Cartwright

According to the bio on Amazon: "Christopher Cartwright writes spellbinding mysteries and suspense novels. Often with a backdrop of ocean adventure. Born in 1983, he has a background as a paramedic and is an avid sailor and SCUBA diver. Christopher currently lives in Sydney with his wife and two children, where he's currently working on the next Sam Reilly book."

Note: a much longer and very interesting bio exists on his website.

Series Books
Sam Reilly The Last Airship (2015)
  The Mahogany Ship (2015)
  Atlantis Stone (2016)
  Rogue Wave (2016)
  The Cassidy Project (2016)
  The Nostradamus Equation (2017)
  The Third Temple (2017)
  The Aleutian Portal (2017)
  Code to Extinction (2017)
  Habitat Zero (2018)
  The Holy Grail (2018)
  The Phoenix Sanction (2018)
  The Heisenberg Legacy (2018)
  The Ironclad Covenant (2018)
  Omega Deep (2018)
  The Hunt for Excalibur (2019)
  Ghost Ship (2019)
  The Tomb of El Dorado (2019)
  The Labyrinth Key (2019)
  The Obsidian Chamber (2020)
  Shangri-La (2020)
  Alexander's Treasure (2020)
  Valhalla Found (2021)
  Medusa's Curse (2021)
  Dragon's Breath (2022)
  The Vostok Enigma (2022)
  Skeleton Crew (2023)
  The Midas Vault (2024)