1904 - 1977

Writing as: Asa Baker, Hal Debrett, David Dresser, Brett Halliday, Anderson Wayne

David Dresser is better known under his penname of Brett Halliday.

Wikipedia say about him: "Brett Halliday is the primary pen name of Davis Dresser, an American mystery and western writer. Halliday is best known for the long-lived series of Michael Shayne mysteries he wrote and later commissioned others to write. Dresser wrote westerns, non-series mysteries, and romances under the names Asa Baker, Matthew Blood, Kathryn Culver, Don Davis, Hal Debrett, Anthony Scott, Peter Field, and Anderson Wayne.

Dresser was born in Chicago, Illinois, but mostly grew up in West Texas. Here he lost an eye to barbed wire as a boy, and thus had to wear an eye patch for the rest of his life.

At the age of 14, he ran away from home and enlisted in the U.S. 5th Cavalry Regiment at Fort Bliss, Texas, followed by a year of Border Patrol duty on the Rio Grande. After his service, he returned to Texas to finish high school. In search of adventure, Dresser traveled throughout the Southwest working at various odd jobs, including that of muleskinner, farm hand, deckhand on a freighter in the Gulf of Mexico, laborer in the California oilfields, etc. Eventually, he went to Tri-State College of Engineering, where he received a certificate in civil engineering. Back in Texas, he worked as an engineer and surveyor for several years before turning to writing in 1927."

Series Books
Asa Baker
Other The Kissed Corpse [Jerry Burke] (1939)
  Mum's the Word for Murder [Jerry Burke] (1953)
Hal Debrett
Other Before I Wake (1955)
Brett Halliday
Other Dividend on Death [Mike Shayne] (1939)
  The Uncomplaining Corpses [Mike Shayne] (1940)
  The Private Practice of Michael Shayne [Mike Shayne] (1940)
  Tickets for Death [Mike Shayne] (1941)
  Bodies Are Where You Find Them [Mike Shayne] (1941)
  Blood on the Black Market [Mike Shayne] (1943)
  The Case of the Walking Corpse aka The Corpse Came Calling [Mike Shayne] (1943)
  Murder and the Married Virgin [Mike Shayne] (1944)
  Michael Shayne's Long Chance [Mike Shayne] (1944)
  Murder Is My Business [Mike Shayne] (1945)
  Marked for Murder [Mike Shayne] (1945)
  Blood on Biscayne Bay [Mike Shayne] (1946)
  Counterfeit Wife [Mike Shayne] (1947)
  Blood on the Stars [Mike Shayne] (1948)
  Michael Shayne's Triple Mystery [Mike Shayne] (1948)
  A Taste for Violence [Mike Shayne] (1949)
  Call for Michael Shayne [Mike Shayne] (1949)
  This Is It, Michael Shayne [Mike Shayne] (1950)
  When Dorinda Dances [Mike Shayne] (1951)
  Framed in Blood [Mike Shayne] (1951)
  A Taste for Cognac [Mike Shayne] (1951)
  Murder Is a Habit [Mike Shayne] (1951)
  What Really Happened [Mike Shayne] (1952)
  One Night with Nora aka The Lady Came by Night [Mike Shayne] (1953)
  She Woke to Darkness [Mike Shayne] (1954)
  Death Has Three Lives [Mike Shayne] (1955)
  Stranger in Town [Mike Shayne] (1955)
  The Blonde Cried Murder [Mike Shayne] (1956)
  In a Deadly Vein aka Murder Wears a Mummer's Mask [Mike Shayne] (1956)
  Weep for a Blonde [Mike Shayne] (1957)
  Shoot the Works [Mike Shayne] (1957)
  Murder and the Wanton Bride [Mike Shayne] (1958)
  Heads You Lose [Mike Shayne] (1958)
  Die Like a Dog [Mike Shayne] (1959)
  Date with a Dead Man [Mike Shayne] (1959)
  The Homicidal Virgin [Mike Shayne] (1960)
  The Careless Corpse [Mike Shayne] (1961)
  Murder by Proxy [Mike Shayne] (1962)
  Pay-Off in Blood [Mike Shayne] (1962)
  Never Kill a Client [Mike Shayne] (1962)
  Too Friendly, Too Dead [Mike Shayne] (1963)
  The Body Came Back [Mike Shayne] (1963)
  The Corpse That Never Was [Mike Shayne] (1963)
  Michael Shayne's 50th Case [Mike Shayne] (1964)
  Shoot to Kill [Mike Shayne] (1964)
  A Redhead for Mike Shayne [Mike Shayne] (1964)
Anderson Wayne
Other Time to Remember aka Charlie Dell (1952)