Writing as: J. D. Dudycha

According to the bio on his website: "J.D. Dudycha believes the best stories are written with characters overcoming real life struggles and everyone deserves a shot a redemption.

After a long stay in the baseball world, both as a player and a coach, J.D. has turned to his real passion, creating gritty, in-your-face characters who leap off the page and ooze practicality. You can’t help but continue to read because you don’t know where the story will take you next.

J.D. spends his time with his wife and children in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. When he is able to step away from the world of writing fiction, he enjoys golf and fly fishing, and he never met a mountain he didn’t want to climb or an ocean he didn’t want to explore.

His inspiration is drawn from many different authors. Some of his favorites are C.S. Lewis, Clive Cussler, Vince Flynn, Dan Brown, and Lee Child"

Series Books
Niki Finley Scavengers (2017)
  Dark Descent (2017)
  Buried Secrets (2017)
  Call of the Sea (ss) (2017)
  Deep Blue (2018)
  First Shot (2018)
  Hurricane (2019)
  Second Best (2019)
  Third Degree (2019)