1951 -

Writing as: Timothy Zahn

According to the bio on Wikipedia: "Timothy Zahn is an American writer of science fiction and fantasy. He is known for the Thrawn series of Star Wars novels, and has published several other series of science fiction and fantasy novels, in addition to many works of short fiction.

Zahn grew up in Lombard, Illinois and attended Glenbard East High School in Lombard. He then went on to Michigan State University, before working towards a doctorate in physics at the University of Illinois."

Series Books
Frank Compton Night Train to Rigel (2005)
  The Third Lynx (2007)
  Odd Girl Out (2008)
  The Domino Pattern (2010)
  Judgment at Proteus (2012)
Other The Blackcollar [Blackcollar] (1983)
  Distant Friends and Others (Collections) (1983)
  Cobra [Cobra] (1985)
  Alien Stars (Collections) (1985)
  A Coming of Age (1985)
  Spinneret (1985)
  The Backlash Mission [Blackcollar] (1986)
  Cascade Point (Collections) (1986)
  Cobra Strike [Cobra] (1986)
  Triplet (1987)
  Deadman Switch (1988)
  Cobra Bargain [Cobra] (1988)
  Time Bomb (Collections) (1988)
  Warhorse (1990)
  Conquerors' Pride [Conqueror] (1994)
  Conquerors' Heritage [Conqueror] (1995)
  Conquerors' Legacy [Conqueror] (1996)
  The Icarus Hunt (1999)
  Angelmass (2001)
  Star Song (Collections) (2002)
  Manta's Gift (2002)
  Dragon and Thief [Dragonback] (2003)
  The Green and the Gray (2004)
  Dragon and Soldier [Dragonback] (2004)
  Dragon and Slave [Dragonback] (2005)
  Dragon and Herdsman [Dragonback] (2006)
  The Judas Solution [Blackcollar] (2006)
  Dragon and Judge [Dragonback] (2007)
  Dragon and Liberator [Dragonback] (2008)
  Cobra Alliance [Cobra War] (2009)
  Cobra Guardian [Cobra War] (2011)
  Cobra Gamble [Cobra War] (2012)
  Cobra Slave [Cobra Rebellion Trilogy] (2013)
  A Call to Duty [Manticore Ascendant] (2014)
  Soulminder (2014)
  Cloak (2015)
  A Call to Arms [Manticore Ascendant] (2015)
  Cobra Outlaw [Cobra Rebellion Trilogy] (2015)
  Pawn's Gambit (Collections) (2016)
  Pawn [Chronicle of the Sibyl's War] (2017)
  A Call to Vengeance [Manticore Ascendant] (2018)
  Cobra Traitor [Cobra Rebellion Trilogy] (2018)
  Knight [Chronicle of the Sibyl's War] (2019)
  Battle Luna (with others (2020)
  Chaos Rising (2020)
  Queen [Chronicle of the Sibyl's War] (2020)