Writing as: Jeremy Thomas Fox

According to the bio on his website: "I suppose I'm one of those typical writers who from a very young age have had stories in my head that I've wanted to get out. The urge to write and experience the enjoyment of creating something that people want to read has always been my goal. To have finally been able to do that, with your support, is humbling and extraordinarily gratifying.

From the age of about six or seven, I spent hours in the public library – long before the advent of Google and the current plethora of online click-of-the-mouse resources – trawling the long aisles of books. Sometimes I'd just look at the covers, enjoying the design and typography. I know. Spooky!

Then real life took over and I joined the British Army at sixteen and subsequently became a police officer. After leaving the police, I spent some time delivering training to companies in the UK and Ireland and have spent most of the intervening period in the Middle East doing my writing in the sun."

Series Books
Lawrence Lander [creator]