1887 - 1949

Writing as: Henry Bedford-Jones

According to the bio on Wikipedia: "Henry James O'Brien Bedford-Jones (April 29, 1887 – May 6, 1949) was a Canadian historical, adventure fantasy, science fiction, crime and Western writer who became a naturalized United States citizen in 1908.

After being encouraged to try writing by his friend, writer William Wallace Cook, Bedford-Jones began writing dime novels and pulp magazine stories. Bedford-Jones was an enormously prolific writer; the pulp editor Harold Hersey once recalled meeting Bedford-Jones in Paris, where he was working on two novels simultaneously, each story on its own separate typewriter. Bedford-Jones cited Alexandre Dumas as his main influence, and wrote a sequel to Dumas' The Three Musketeers, D'Artagnan (1928). He wrote nearly 200 novels, 400 novelettes, and 800 short stories, earning the nickname "King of the Pulps". His works appeared in a number of pulp magazines. Bedford-Jones' main publisher was Blue Book magazine; he also appeared in Adventure, All-Story Weekly, Argosy, Short Stories, Top-Notch Magazine, The Magic Carpet/Oriental Stories, Golden Fleece, Ace-High Magazine, People's Story Magazine, Hutchinson's Adventure-Story Magazine, Detective Fiction Weekly, Western Story Magazine, and Weird Tales.

Bedford-Jones wrote numerous works of historical fiction dealing with several different eras, including Ancient Rome, the Viking era, seventeenth century France and Canada during the "New France" era. Bedford-Jones produced several fantasy novels revolving around Lost Worlds, including The Temple of the Ten (1921, with W. C. Robertson).

In addition to writing fiction, Bedford-Jones also worked as a journalist for the Boston Globe, and wrote poetry. Bedford-Jones was a friend of Erle Stanley Gardner and Vincent Starrett."

Series Books
John Barnes Spy Against Europe (ss) (1935)
  Free-Lance Spy (ss) (1935)
  The Sphinx Strikes (ss) (1935)
  The Sphinx Strikes (2015)
Vincent Connor A Prince For Sale (ss) (1931)
  House of Missing Men (ss) (1931)
  The Tomb-Robber (ss) (1931)
  Diplomacy By Air (ss) (1931)
  Connor Takes Charge (ss) (1931)
  The King Makers (ss) (1932)
  The King Makers (2015)
John Solomon The Gate Of Farewell (1914)
  John Solomon - Supercargo (1914)
  Solomon's Quest (1914)
  Gentleman Solomon (1914)
  Solomon's Carpet (1915)
  The Seal Of John Solomon (1915)
  Solomon's Submarine (1916)
  John Solomon, Argonaut (1916)
  The Shawl Of Solomon (1917)
  Pilgrim Solomon (1917)
  John Solomon, Retired (1917)
  Solomon's Son (1918)
  John Solomon, Incognito (1921)
  John Solomon (1921)
  The Wisdom Of Solomon (1926)
  The Mysterious John Solomon (1930)
  John Solomon's Biggest Game (1930)
  Gold Of Ishmael (1931)
  Solomon's Caves (1931)
  Solomon Settles Accounts (1932)
  Solomon In The Catacombs (1933)
  The Terror of Algiers (1933)
  John Solomon of Limehouse (1934)
  The Case of the Kidnapped Duchess (1935)
  The Case of the Deathly Barque (1935)