Writing as: Patrick Sydor

According to the bio on Amazon: "As a graduate from Indiana University with a MS in Education Administration, Patrick Sydor had a long career split between teaching in an urban high school and executive sales in the transportation industry. He currently lives on the beach in Canoa, Ecuador with his wife of forty-nine years. When asked about starting a writing career at the age of sixty-eight, he said, "After surfing at 9:00 am and breakfast of eggs and bacon, what the hell else am I going to do?"

His debut novel, Cobra Talon, draws from his experiences as a Security Policeman at a remote radar site during the Vietnam War. He and his wife travel extensively to bring authenticity to his historical fiction writing. He is currently working on the second and third novel in the Nick Parker series. The photo was taken in 2019 at what is left of the Ko Kha Air Station, Ko Kha, Thailand."

Series Books
Nick Parker Cobra Talon (2019)
  Liberian Gold (2020)