Writing as: Stewart Matthews

According to the short bio on Amazon: "I've tooled around with writing in one form or another my entire life. Whether it was pushing keys on a typewriter when I was four, writing embarrassing poetry in high school, or working as a freelance journalist.

Now, I'm a moonlighter. I come home at night, I lock myself in the basement office of my house, and I whip up exhilarating stories that keep people reading late into the night.

And I've loved every minute of it."

Series Books
Barrett Mason Matador (2018)
  Tyrant (2018)
  Jackal (2019)
  Ghosts (2019)
  Wardogs (2019)
  Red Star (2019)
  The Lost Son (ss) (2019)
Other Chicago Blood (2016)
  Chicago Broken (2017)
  Chicago Betrayed (2017)
  Chicago Lies (2017)
  Chicago Creed (2018)