Writing as: Steven Moore

According to the bio on Amazon: "Steven hails from the south-east of England, where he grew up (the jury's still out) surrounded by the North Sea on one side and the beautiful Norfolk Broads on the other. As well as writing fiction, Steven is an amateur painter and photographer, though his first love is the great outdoors. Restless and unfulfilled by the end of his teens, the travel bug bit early, and to date Steven has lived and worked on five continents and has visited close to sixty countries, combining that age-old writing adage with his own mantra; that is, 'Write not only what you know, but where you know.'

A late entry into further education yielded a degree in anthropology, archaeology and art history, and those disciplines, as well as the travelling and the endless adventures, all feature prominently in Steven's bestselling action-thriller series featuring Hiram Kane.

When not on the road with his travel-writer wife Leslie, they call San Miguel de Allende, Mexico home, which they share with their two cats, Ernest Hemingway & F Scott Fitzgerald (Ernie & Fitz)."

Series Books
Sam Barker Absolution (2019)
  Betrayal (2020)
Other The Tiger Temple [Hiram Kane] (2017)
  The Samurai Code [Hiram Kane] (2017)
  The Condor Prophecy [Hiram Kane] (2017)
  The Golem of Prague [Hiram Kane] (2018)
  The Shadow of Kailash [Hiram Kane] (2018)
  The Feathered Serpent [Hiram Kane] (2019)
  Havana Fury (with David Berens) [Ryan Bodean Tropical Thriller] (2019)
  Atlantis Storm (with David Berens) [Ryan Bodean Tropical Thriller] (2019)
  Hemingway Found (with David Berens) [Ryan Bodean Tropical Thriller] (2019)
  El Dorado Gold (with David Berens) [Ryan Bodean Tropical Thriller] (2020)
  I, Survivor (2020)
  Ark: Outbreak (with Jay Tinsiano) (2020)