1937 -

Writing as: Hilary Green

According to the bio on FantasticFiction: "Hilary Green is a trained actress and spent many years teaching drama and running a youth theatre company. She has also written scripts for BBC Radio and won the Kythira short story prize. Hilary now lives in the Wirral and is a full-time writer."

Series Books
Leonora Cavendish A Woman Called Omega (1984)
  The Fidelio Affair (1985)
Kim Maxwell Operation Lightning Bolt (2022)
  Operation Fortitude (2023)
Other Centrifuge (1978)
  We'll Meet Again (2005)
  Now Is the Hour [Follies] (2006)
  They Also Serve [Follies] (2006)
  Never say Goodbye (2006)
  Theatre of War [Follies] (2008)
  The Final Act [Follies] (2009)
  Daughters of War [Leonora Trilogy] (2011)
  Passions of War [Leonora Trilogy] (2011)
  Harvest of War [Leonora Trilogy] (2012)
  Operation Kingfisher (2013)
  The Last Hero (2013)
  Aphrodite's Island (2014)
  Twice Royal Lady (2015)
  A Bright Particular Star (2016)
  State of Emergency (2019)
  Ironhand [Crusader] (2019)
  God's Warrior [Crusader] (2019)