1916 - 1975

Writing as: John Bryan

According to the website Furrowed Middlebrow: "Author of a dozen novels, at least some of them historical. Officer and Gentleman (1944) is set in the 19th century and includes the famous Charge of the Light Brigade, while Crown Imperial (1949, aka The Heart of a Queen) is about Elizabeth I."

Series Books
Richard Sarel The Difference To Me (1957)
  The Contessa Came Too (1957)
  The Man Who Came Back (1958)
Other The Siege (1939)
  The World Is a Bridge (1943)
  Officer and Gentleman (1944)
  Story of Andria (1946)
  Crown Imperial aka The Heart of a Queen (1949)
  I Saw No Sun (1952)
  The Past Returned aka Find a New Heaven (1953)
  A Sojourn in England (1956)
  The Quality of Love (1963)