Writing as: Cap Daniels

According to the bio on his website: "Cap Daniels is a sailing charter captain, scuba and sailing instructor, pilot, Air Force veteran, and civil servant of the U.S. Department of Defense. Raised far from the ocean in rural East Tennessee, his early infatuation with salt water was sparked by the fascinating, and sometimes true, sea stories told by his father, a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer.

Those stories of adventure on the high seas sent Cap in search of adventure of his own which eventually landed him on Florida’s Gulf Coast where he owns and operates a sailing charter service and spends as much time as possible on, in, and under the waters of the Emerald Coast.

With a head full of larger-than-life characters and their thrilling exploits, Cap pours his love of adventure and passion for the ocean onto the pages of his new Action Adventure Series, The Chase Fulton Novels.

Inspired by the likes of John D Macdonald’s Travis McGee, Randy Wayne White’s Doc Ford, and Wayne Stinnett’s Jesse McDermitt, Cap creates thrilling tales of action and adventure set throughout the Caribbean and coastal Florida and Georgia by intertwining nautical adventure with international espionage. Cap’s Chase Fulton Series promises to keep readers on the edge of their seats, trying to guess what new danger or adventure lies just around the corner."

Series Books
Anya Burinkova The Broken Chase (2018)
  The Stronger Chase (2018)
  The Distant Chase (2018)
  The Angel's Chase (2018)
  The Opening Chase (2018)
  The Russian's Pride (2020)
  The Polar Chase (2020)
  The Forgotten Chase (2020)
  The Emerald Chase (2020)
  The Russian's Greed (2021)
  The Russian's Gluttony (2021)
  The Russian's Lust (2022)
  The Russian's Sloth (2023)
Chase Fulton The Hollow Chase ()
  The Smuggler's Chase ()
  The Opening Chase (2018)
  The Broken Chase (2018)
  The Stronger Chase (2018)
  The Unending Chase (2018)
  The Angel's Chase (2019)
  The Chase Is On (ss) (2019)
  The Entangled Chase (2019)
  The Distant Chase (2019)
  The Devil's Chase (2019)
  The Forgotten Chase (2020)
  The Emerald Chase (2020)
  The Polar Chase (2020)
  The Burning Chase (2020)
  The Poison Chase (2021)
  The Bitter Chase (2021)
  The Blind Chase (2021)
  The Sunken Chase (2022)
  The Darker Chase (2022)
  The Abandoned Chase (2022)
  The Diamond Chase (2023)
  The Gambler's Chase (2023)
  The Arctic Chase (2023)
Other We Were Brave (2019)