Writing as: Jack Hardin

According to the bio on Amazon: "Jack Hardin currently lives in Arlington, TX, with his stunning wife and five kids. He grew up in an Army family and spent half his childhood living in Germany, traveling all over Europe prior to the fall of the Iron Curtain. At nine years old he walked through Checkpoint Charlie and into East Berlin just one year before the Berlin Wall came down. He holds a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo, is proficient with bo staff and nunchucks, and has taught women's self-defense.

Those alone do not make him awesome, but it all sounds really cool.

You'll find Jack's books to be in the same vein as Wayne Stinnett, Dawn Lee McKenna, and Randy Wayne White. In other words...dig're about to be seriously entertained.

Jack is driven by grace, the bedrock of his Christian faith. Shoot him an email and let him know what you think of his books. Or to give him your opinion of the moon landing, or whether or not you think it's a sin to squeeze the toothpaste tube from the middle."

Series Books
Ellie O'Conner Broken Stern (2018)
  Shallow Breeze (2018)
  Bitter Tide (2018)
  Vacant Short (2018)
  Silent Ripple (ss) (2018)
  Breakwater (2019)
  18 Dragons (ss) (2019)
  The Apostate (ss) (2019)
  Lonely Coast (2020)
  Savage Truth (2020)
Ryan Savage Savage Coast (2019)
  Savage Justice (2019)
  Savage Storm (2020)
  Savage Lie (2020)
  Savage Truth (2020)
  Savage Hunt (2020)
  Savage Fury (2020)
  Savage Recruit (2021)
  Savage Blood (2021)
  Savage Prey (2021)