Writing as: Jeffry Weiss

According to the bio on his website: "I am a political activist. I have four college degrees. I wrote position papers for the Carter and Clinton White Houses. I have received recognition directly from the office of the President of Mexico for my work on social issues. I have written over 30 books. I will be sharing with you what is really going on in the world politically, not what you see and hear on American broadcasts. I will also be commenting on social and scientific matters. Please check in regularly. I will be posting several times a week. "

Series Books
Paul Decker The Go Code Protocol (2015)
  Web War One (2015)
  The Patriot Betrayal (2015)
  The Cern Revelation (2015)
  The Euro Option (2015)
  The Eugenics Solution (2015)
  Code 6 North of the DMZ (2015)
  We The People (2015)
  The Neanderthal Regression (2015)
  To Live And Die In Juarez (2015)
  The Mouth Of Allah (2015)
  Changing of the Tides (2016)
  Year Of The Crocodile (2017)
  The Order (2018)
  The Death Zone (2019)
  The Kremlin Insider (2020)