Writing as: Lawrence D. Berry

According to the bio on Amazon: "Now that I have two best seller reference books, I have ventured into the realm of novels. My first novel manuscript has been released, Wizard - Dirty Secrets and the sequel is in the works with the intention of making this a series for the primary character, with the outline for the third book/mission also completed. I am a professional magician having performed over 1,000 shows and has been a member of the Academy of Magical Arts. I am also a former member of the US Navy and an actor who has performed in over a dozen plays and in several major motion pictures. I have a passion for writing, in addition to sharing information with others. I write about things I have knowledge and understanding in including the current novel (intelligence and illusion), as well as my publications in property management (a Certified Property Manager) and leadership having been an award winning keynote speaker for Fortune 500 companies."

Series Books
Jonathan Barrow Dirty Secrets (2015)
  Fools Gold (2018)
  Fateful Voyage (2020)