Writing as: Dane Schiffmann

According to the bio on Amazon: "Dane Schiffmann grew up in a quiet neighborhood in Minneapolis, Minnesota. At an early age he discovered a love for reading mysteries and thrillers. Dane's earliest influences were Alistair Maclean, Lawrence Block and Robert Ludlum. His life changed in college while attending a videotaped psychology lecture he became bored and picked up a novel. The novel was not very good and he thought that he could do better. That simple thought grew and blossomed so he changed his major to Journalism to pursue a writing career.

But as it so frequently happens, life got in the way. As he graduated college he and his wife had a new baby, and he received a good job offer in management. During his career in retail management he worked in various locations throughout the Twin Cities. During his spare time, he worked on an idea for a book. During the last recession, the company he worked for dissolved giving him time to work on what eventually became The Black Chamber.

Dane currently lives in the Twin cities with his wife, Debbie and their two grown children and their dog Logan. Dane and Debbie are avid readers especially enjoying mysteries, thrillers and anything well written."

Series Books
Kingsley & Harmon The Black Chamber (2015)
  The Devil's Whisper (2017)
  Survival Protocol (2018)