Writing as: Mitchell Medford

According to the bio on Amazon: "My name is Mitchell Medford, and I have been writing this and that, now and then, for a very long time. For me, reading and writing have always gone together like bacon and eggs--first, I read something that I really appreciate, and before I know it, I feel compelled to write something I hope someone else will really appreciate. These days, I am a very lucky fellow. I get to spend my time writing what I love most: fiction.

I write mostly in the evenings, but honestly, it is whenever the spirit moves me (and she moves me a lot!) I write upstairs and take breaks to look out at the peaceful lake not more than a hundred yards from my front door. I take time to make friends with Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, and with John Sandford's Lucas Davenport, and of course, I let Stephen King introduce me to several of his odd but interesting folks.

I sample across a broad spectrum of books, but I confess I love a good thriller. If I am fortunate enough to have you sample my own offerings, nothing would thrill me more than knowing you had a good time. If you can spare a moment, let me know."

Series Books
John Pilgrim Sword of Jihad (2014)
  Pilgrim's Descent (ss) (2015)